Wildcat Cue Sports
is a Monday night In-House BCA eight ball league. We play on Diamond Smart Tables out of Pockets Pool & Pub in Tucson, Arizona.

Session (2) 2022
    Anyone playing 8 weeks or more during this session will be qualified for the 2023 AZ State Championships at Casino del Sol and the BCAPL World Championships in Vegas.

    Every team that completes the session will receive cash back, to do with what you wish. Use it for your Vegas trip or just put it back in your pockets if you're not going to Vegas. The first place team will receive 15 percent of the cash and the remaining teams will split the other 85 percent evenly. For example, the last session with 8 teams paid out as follows.
1st Place $882
Each remaining team $714

    This session will be limited to 8 teams maximum.
  1. Teams will be limited to 9 players maximum. Rosters will NOT be frozen, so teams may add players at anytime during session. Players cannot be transferred from one team to another. New players will start at SL 8.0. Any players being added to a team will need to fill out the online registration and submit by noon on game day before being allowed to play that night.
  2. Outside subs or house subs will not be allowed. Teams must play with only the players that are on their roster.
  3. All scores must be submitted by using one of our scoring apps. Team handicaps will be calculated at 1.6.
Start date July 18th

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