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is a Monday night In-House BCA eight ball league. We play on Diamond Smart Tables out of Pockets Pool & Pub in Tucson, Arizona.

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09/05/19   Changes to BCAPL World Championships for 2020

    Before getting into the changes for 2020, here's another reminder. if you want to play in the 2020 BCAPL World Championships in March, all qualifying games (40) must be completed by December 31st

    Hopefully you have all had a chance to look over the 2020 BCAPL World Championships email from csi that I forwarded a couple of days ago. There have been some rather significant changes in both pricing and structure.

Scotch Doubles
    There is no longer a Jack & Jill requirement for Scotch Doubles. Partners can now be made up of two women, two men, or a man and a woman. A 450 is a 450, whether it be a man or a woman, and that rating is based solely on performance, with gender playing no part in it. Every year I have guys coming to me wanting to play Scotch Doubles, only to find out that there's not enough women to go around. This new rule should give everyone an opportunity to play that wants to.

8-Ball Team Changes
    I have been advocating for three years that they to do away with the Trophy Division, but it was falling on deaf ears. Even this past July, they said it would never happen, but miraculously, it HAS happened and that's great. They created a new Diamond Division at the top and changed the names of the remaining divisions to match the Fargo Cap. By removing the Trophy Division, teams that fall into that 2750 cap will now have a better opportunity than in the past, when they were jumping over the Trophy and into the Gold where they were outclassed by 500 Fargo Points.

The Down Side -- Prices $$
    Team Entry Fees have gone up substantially for this coming tournament. I'm trying to go through and project costs, but we should have enough to cover the increases without raising shooting fees. Unfortunately, it will definitely reduce the amount of team spending money to divided up in Vegas.

2019 Caps & Pricing
8-Ball Mixed 5 players
8-Ball Mixed Fargo Cap Race Entry
Platinum 3250 13 $ ??
Gold 3000 13 $400
Trophy 2750 13 $250
Silver 2500 13 $350
Bronze 2250 11 $300
Ladies Team 4 players
Ladies Team - 9 $320

2020 Caps & Pricing
8-Ball Teams 5 players
8-Ball Teams Fargo Cap Race Entry
Diamond 3250 13 $700
Platinum 3000 13 $600
Gold 2750 13 $500
Silver 2500 13 $400
Bronze 2250 11 $300
Ladies Bronze 4 players
Ladies Bronze 1800 9 $320

Price increases per Fargo Cap
that are of concern to our league
  Fargo Cap     2019     2020  
3000 $400 $600
2750 $250 $500
2500 $350 $400
2250 $300 $300

    There are many changes that everyone should study and be aware of. These changes can be found in the Player Guide. Please follow the link below.

2020 BCAPL World Championships
Player Guide

Keith Nickerson

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Tournament Results
2019 BCAPL World Championships
Las Vegas, Nevada

Birthdays This Month
10/05 - Andy Hines
10/13 - Adam Retzer
10/15 - Ron Bondy
10/16 - Gretchen Marcum
10/17 - Sam Hines
10/22 - Tova Trowbridge
10/26 - Rayna Green

Keith Nickerson Custom Cues
Pockets Pool & Pub

2019 BCAPL World Championships
Las Vegas, Nevada
Division Entries Name Result Cash
Mixed 8-Ball Teams - Gold 226 Ball to the wall - AZ 9 $1000
Mixed 8-Ball Teams - Silver 151 Chalked and Ready 7 $800
Women's 8-Ball Gold Teams 51 No Balls Required 9 $350
Scotch Doubles - Silver 155 Wuerfel/Trowbridge 9 $280
Mixed 8-Ball Singles - Gold 329 Jeremy Ross 7 $800
Mixed 8-Ball Singles - Silver 152 Craig Carmichael 9 $600
Mixed 8-Ball Senior Singles - Gold 152 Dwayne Celestine 5 $700
Mixed 8-Ball Senior Singles - Gold 152 Ron Hughes 33 $160
Women's 8-Ball Singles - Silver 89 Kim Kauffman 7 $380
Wildcat Cue Sports brought home a total of   $5070